Monday 19th Tuesday 20th Wednesday 21st
10:00 Opening lecture:

  • Rafael Núñez, Mathematics: cognition in practice that makes it possible
Invited lecture:

  • Valeria Giardino, Manipulative imagination: how to move things around in mathematics
Invited lecture:

  • Dirk Schlimm, Numerals: Mathematical understanding through external representations
11:00 Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break
11:30 Contributed lectures (Chair: B. Larvor):

  • S. Buijsman, Empirically informed Philosophy of Mathematics
  • B. Buldt, Mathematical practice and human cognition. A critical appraisal of Frank Quinn’s Science of Mathematics
  • M. Cramer, From the Language of Mathematics to Cognitive Aspects of Logical Paradoxes
Contributed lectures (Chair: N. Goethe):

  • M. Ugaglia, Aristotle on the role of diagrams in the practice of mathematics
  • P. Milici, Calculus without infinity: historical insights from tractional constructions
  • M. Muntersbjorn, Is mathematics indeterminate, mutable, and ephemeral? 
Contributed lectures (Chair: M. Wright):

  • M. Santos-Sousa, Understanding Basic Arithmetic
  • R. Wagner, What different models of neuro-cognition mean for mathematical cognition
13:30 Lunch Break Lunch Break Lunch Break
15:00 Contributed lectures (Chair: M. de Ponte):

  • M. Pantsar, Early numerical cognition and mathematical processes
  • S. Costreie, The geometrical roots of arithmetical cognition: Frege & Dehaene


Contributed lectures (Chair: M. de Paz):

  • I. Starikova, Zooming out and zooming in
  • D. Postnikoff, Taxonomy in Trouble: Extraneity and the Dynamics of Conceptual Metaphor
Contributed lectures (Chair: V. Giardino):

  • E. Andrade, From understanding arithmetic operations as actions towards problem solving
  • D. Hutto, The enactive roots of STEM: Rethinking educational design in mathematics
16:30 Lecture (Chair: M. de Ponte):

  • J. Ferreirós and M. J. García Pérez, “Natural” and “Euclidean”? Reflections on basic, practical geometry. 
Contributed lectures (Chair: M. de Paz):

  • E. Snyder, with R. Samuels and S. Shapiro, Neologicism, Frege’s Constraint, and the Frege-Heck Condition
  • S. Visokolskis, Incubation of concepts, ideas, results and/or mathematical theories: specific links between creativity in Mathematics and incubatory cognitive mechanisms
Contributed lectures (Chair: V. Giardino):

  • D. Abrahamson with A. Bakker, More Than Hand Waving: Rethinking Embodied Movement in Mathematics Education 
  • K. Zahidi, Human, all too human: mathematics as cultural practice. The case of arithmetic
21h Conference Dinner


  • The duration of the talks will be 40 minutes including discussion.
  • The workshop dinner will be in Gazuza, the prize of the dinner will be 25€ per person and it consists on a menu with some starters and a main course with three options: fish, meat or the vegetarian option. For more information, write to María de Paz,